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Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Toronto


At Renovated-Home, we are dedicated to helping you transform and enhance your living space into your dream home with ease and enjoyment.

Experience seamless popcorn ceiling removal with our company—where modern techniques meet meticulous care. Revel in smooth ceilings, outstanding service, and a dust-free environment. Trust us for an effectively refreshed space and unmatched professionalism. Your satisfaction is our success.

At Renovated-Home, we take pride in offering a popcorn ceiling removal service that stands above the rest. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our cutting-edge, dustless removal method, ensuring a clean, swift, and hassle-free experience that protects your living space and your well-being.
If you're looking to update the look of your interiors, opting to remove a stucco ceiling can be a transformative step. This process involves scraping off the textured material, often referred to as a "popcorn ceiling," and smoothing out the surface for a modern, flat finish. Although the task of popcorn ceiling removal can be labor-intensive and requires a careful approach to minimize mess, the result is a clean, crisp ceiling line that can brighten a room and give the illusion of more space. With the right tools and expertise, your ceilings can be revamped, giving your home a refreshed and contemporary appearance that's in line with current design trends.
Our skilled professionals employ the latest technology to trap debris at the source, virtually eliminating the pervasive dust common with traditional ceiling treatments. We understand the importance of your time and comfort; hence, our process is designed to be expedient, typically concluding much sooner than conventional methods, without ever compromising on quality.

What sets us apart at Renovated-Home is our meticulous attention to detail. From the initial protective sheeting of your furniture and fittings to the precise extraction of the outdated popcorn texture, we ensure every step is executed with the utmost care. We promise a spotless finish, leaving your interiors looking fresh and modern.

After the popcorn ceiling removal, our team goes the extra mile, smoothing out your ceilings to perfection, ready for any paint or finish you desire. 

"Smooth Precision: Effortless Ceiling Texture Removal with Festool"

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Discover our top-rated services on Google and Homestars, boasting stellar reviews that reflect our commitment to excellence in home renovation

Removing popcorn ceiling best reward


Elevate your interiors with our professional removal of popcorn and stucco ceilings, ensuring a smooth, modern finish that refreshes and modernizes your space with timeless sophistication.

Ceiling looks after texture removed

Transform your home with our top-tier Popcorn Ceiling Removal Service. We specialize in creating smooth, modern ceilings that not only elevate the look of your space but also increase its value. Our skilled technicians employ the latest techniques to ensure a clean, efficient removal process, minimizing the mess and disruption to your daily life. 

Transform your home with our Popcorn Ceiling Removal service – where elegance meets sophistication. Say goodbye to dated textures and welcome a smooth, modern aesthetic. Each ceiling is a canvas of potential, and our masterful technique ensures a flawless, crisp ambiance. Enhance your room's appeal and heighten property value, one ceiling at a time. Experience the beauty of simplicity with us.

Revitalize your home with our premium Stucco Removal Service. Crafted for optimal results, our skilled team employs precision tools to strip away old stucco, revealing the untapped potential of your walls. We prioritize the integrity of your surfaces, ensuring a thorough but delicate touch. 

Get your pot lights installed while removing popcorn ceiling

Ceiling Stucco Removal

Elevate your space with our exceptional Ceiling Stucco Removal service. Our expert team guarantees a pristine finish, meticulously removing outdated stucco and smoothing your ceilings to perfection. Trust in our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction for a hassle-free transformation, enhancing the ambiance of your home while boosting its value. Choose us for a flawless ceiling refresh.

We use only the most reputable brands in our projects

we using festool tools for our projects
paint for the ceiling
another brand for our texture removal projects
our supplier for paint projects
best product for preparation process of stucco removal

Join our community of satisfied homeowners! Reach out to us for your renovation needs and experience our highly-praised service firsthand.


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